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BREAKING : De Gea and Muniaín are being investigated for sexual aggression

According to Spanish reports a scandal is about to happen in the Spanish National team David de Gea and Munian are being investigated for a sexual aggression.

The victim that triggered the investigation about case “Torbe” where the victim claimed to the police that she was forced to maintain relations with Iker Munian and another football player – on a date that was called by David de Gea , which did not participate later on the scandal.

Neither the Police or the Judge has called the players or any of their U21 teammates for declarations – and the name of the victim is not declared in order to protect her.

Reports in Spain says that the police gives a “high degree of credibility” to the story from the victim , but rejects to discredit the defendants for economic reasons and wants to keep investigating on players whatsapp conversations.


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