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Why Leicester City striker Jamie Vardy wears a wrist cast while playing

Probably everyone on of you have been wondering why Jamie Vardy wears that wrist cast while playing for Leicester City or England.

There’s no great secret or any superstition reason why the 29 years old wears that wrist calf, but its a neccesary addition.

Reports say that Jamie Vardy picked up an injury on his wrist after hitting a backboard of a punch machine, but the player refuses it.

Anyway the Leicester City striker has been wearing it in order to avoid any further damage on his wrist , waiting for the season to end so he can operate it.

Leicester City have made a oustanding season, surprising everyone by winning the Premier League title. Jamie Vardy was a key player as he scored 24 goals.The striker have signed a new 4 years deal with Leicester City, refusing the rumours of a possible move to Arsenal.

The 29 years old is currently selected by Roy Hodgson at Euro 2016, where he managed to score a goal against Wales.


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