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Marotta : Arsenal don’t want to sell Alexis Sanchez

Juventus director Giuseppe Marotta has revealed that Juventus has asked for Alexis Sanchez pricetag, but the Gunners consider the Chilean unsellable.

After the return of Alvaro Morata to Real Madrid, Juventus have been looking for a new striker and Giuseppe Marotta admits that they were interested on Arsenal striker Alexis Sanchez.

“Alexis Sanchez is a great player, but Arsenal don’t want to sell him” said Marotta. ” We asked for the price and prepared an offer of 40 million euros, but Arsenal said that they said that Alexis is unsellable.”

Anyway, despite missing on Alexis Sanchez,the Bianconeri have alot of names on their list. Cavani, Milik or Jackson Martinez are the possible candidates to replace Alvaro Morata at Juventus.


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